Who We Are: A bit more than only “About Us”

Hey guys! Its Kat and Jo here, and today we’ve set up a bit of an interview for our readers to get to know us a bit more than just from our “About Us” page (which you should read by the way). Hope you enjoy it!

Question: Describe yourself in five words.
(Kat) run & jump for Jesus & coffee
(Jo) Spanish-Speaking Jesus-Loving Athlete

Question: What is your biggest passion?
(Kat) The Heptathlon! I live and breath for Track and field 🙂
(Jo) I would definitely have to say volleyball, I could play all day, every day and not get tired of it.

Question: What do you spend most of your time doing?
(Kat) When I’m not at track practice, I like to sleep, eat and paint.
(Jo) Honestly, school and sports (swim and year-round volleyball) pretty much take up my life… I don’t have time for much else!

Question: If you could only eat one food for one year, what would it be?
(Kat) Sushi! Definitely my weakness, I would be happy to have sushi every meal for the rest of my life. Asahi Sushi on Van Buren is the place to go- fair prices, great service and outstanding food!
(Jo) Definitely falafel sandwiches. If you’ve had one before, you understand. If you haven’t, you’ll thank me for introducing them to you.

Question: What are you most looking forward to in college?
(Kat) I really look forward to having an awesome track coach, growing closer to Jesus, and most of all living in Santa Barbara!
(Jo) I think getting to finally study areas and topics that I actually enjoy is what I’m most excited for. And finding my man of course. 🙂

Here are some pictures of us doing what we love most: sports!




2 thoughts on “Who We Are: A bit more than only “About Us”

  1. You guys are too cute. I just read the entire blog. Love it. What prompted Kat and Jo. Anyways Carly your favorite food cracked me up because that is literally all u eat here, falafel, falafel, and more falafel. Love you both xoxi

    • haha thanks Bree 🙂 Kat and Jo are our middle names, Kathleen and Jo haha. it was something we came up with in the blog name making process. and I wish I could be there to help you eat all that falafel! haha sounds so yummy. hope you’re having a great time!

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