Wondrous Weekend #2: The Journey of Two Paintbrushes Through Twirly Pears and Curly Hairs

So week two of our wondrous weekend series, and we’re excited to share about one of our biggest hobbies: PAINTING. Now before you freak out because you “aren’t artistic”, we have painting ideas that you can do too. Yes, EVERYONE can paint. We promise. And even if your first painting isn’t very good (like our first one, below), it’s no big deal. Because as they say, practice makes perfect. And it’ll be nice to be able to look back at your very first one and realize how far you’ve come. And through time, you’ll be able to come up with a style that works best for you, and develop it from there. You’ll notice that we each tend to lean in different directions, each with our own unique styles. To make things easy for you all, we’ve put some of our favorite paintings into various categories. Find which one works for you, and enjoy!


Our first painting!

Quote Paintings

These paintings are always fun, inspired usually by a scripture or pinterest quote/saying. Don’t feel bad doing exactly what you see online, it’ll still get your creative juices flowing and you’ll find satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished.


I saw this exactly on Pinterest, and so painted it. Don’t be afraid to just do what you see! Once you start, you’ll be able to add your own personal touches to make it your own. (just jo)


Don’t let a fancy font get you down! You can do it! (just jo)

"She turned.."

This one, I’ll admit, took me hours to complete. But the nice part? I copied the basics of the design that I saw online and just added my own twists here and there. It’s a good one for a day where you have no other plans, or broken up into smaller chunks.

"We do not remember..."

This one was probably the easiest: paint a bunch of colors onto a paper, cut out some paper letters, place them where you want them, and paint black over the top. A fun way to mix things up a little.
-Just Jo

"Some people..."

This one is truly my own handiwork, I found the quote online, loved it, and was inspired. Don’t be afraid to just run with your creative side every now and then, who knows, you just might end up loving it!
-Just Jo

Random, Easy

These are usually unplanned paintings that flow from how we’re feeling that day. They range from landscapes to  random shapes and designs. If you find yourself not knowing where to start, simply look out your window or online and paint what you see. Don’t worry too much about being overly realistic. It takes years of practice (which we definitely haven’t had) to get to the point where your paintings mimic photographs.


This painting was a spur of the moment, i wasn’t sure what to paint so I decided on a sunset painting. But it turned out pretty good! (justjo)


I was inspired by a painting that one of my friends had gotten in Costa Rica, done by a guy fingerpainting. So, in the spirit of creativity, I tried just that: fingerpainting it. (just jo)


We did a project in art class about creating a mood, and this is what I came up with. I was going for calming with a touch of festive… and may have been inspired by Starbucks 🙂 (just jo)


Fruit inspired, hangs in my kitchen 🙂


random shapes and textures inspired by John 10:10 “I come that they may have life and have it to the fullest.”


This a more unique style (so unique that Jo doesn’t do them because she doesn’t know where to start). When I say prophetic, we don’t mean crazy Paul-esque visions. As you can see, I’m clearly at a very beginning level. These “prophetic paintings” are usually inspired by a dream/picture I felt was from God or something I learned through a recent trial.


This one was painted for my dad when he was having a lot of stress and anxiety at work, this picture popped into my head and I just sort of painted what I saw. I won’t go into all of the random meanings behind it, but you get the general idea 🙂


Lets just say I haven’t even figured out all of the meaning behind this one, but I can’t get myself to throw it away


I painted this when I was in middle school, I recently found it under my bed and the verse jumped into my head so I wrote it out and the rest is history


This one is really special to me, it may seem a bit strange but the basic message is to not be rooted into this world, but rather keep pulling toward heaven.

Random, Took Some Time

These paintings were ones that we worked on for weeks, sometimes a month. They were pretty difficult due to the detail in each of them, but it was definitely worth it. If you’re willing to spend more than just a couple days on a painting, we’d recommend trying something a little more detailed. But still, have fun with it!


my rendition of a Da Vinci painting, done in art class


Painting of my backyard done in art class

We hope we’ve inspired you, we know our paintings aren’t exactly at a prestigious level yet, and even though we said at the beginning that practice makes perfect, we suppose a better way to put it would be that practice makes IMPROVEMENT. So don’t stress, you can do it!

With love,

Kat and Jo


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