Just Jo in the Kitchen: The Better Boxed Cake

So I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but if you are, then you probably aren’t the biggest fan of boxed cake. It’s alright in small amounts, but its got to have a lot of frosting on it to make up for its sort of bland texture (I’m a huge texture freak). I recently stumbled upon an idea on Pinterest, a way to make better boxed cake, and with my cousins’ birthday happening last weekend, I figured I would try it out, hoping that it would turn out as good as it promised. To my great delight, it did. Here is the recipe that I used with some pictures for guidance. Happy baking!

I used this “Super moist” mix by Betty Crocker. Too bad her “super moist” doensn’t even compare in the moistness of my new recipe.


Here is what Mrs. Crocker was having me do: 1 Cup Water, 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil, and 3 Eggs


However, this is what I did: I added one egg, used melted butter(that had cooled to be room-temperature) instead of oil and doubled the amount, and used milk instead of water. Sounds pretty fattening, I know, but sooo worth it 🙂


For people that like the standard format of recipes (like me), here it is:

4 eggs

1 cup butter, melted and let rest until room temperature

1 cup milk (I used 2%)

I was afraid that the batter might end up extra liquid-y and not bake well, but it actually turned out sort of frothy.


I poured that yummy-ness into two 9-inch pans to bake…


And of course had to eat some of it…


And then cooked them for the specified time on the back of the Betty box, and here’s what came out! Look at those beauties.

mms_picture (2)

I did some frosting, some decorating, and this is what the final product looked like.


It was a HUGE success! Everyone loved it! Definitely will be using this recipe for any other boxed cakes that I make in the future.


Oh, and Happy Birthday Alissa!


2 thoughts on “Just Jo in the Kitchen: The Better Boxed Cake

  1. Tried this today – yummy! It worked great, although I found I had to bake it just a few minutes longer than the box of cake mix specified. Thanks for sharing!

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