Wondrous Weekend #3: Friendly Bravados and Luscious Macchiatos


We’re on to weekend number three, and this time we’re leaning towards a more chill adventure. So this is something that we usually try to do once a week, even if only to keep our sanity. To sum it up, our third weekend suggestion is to have a coffee (Starbucks all the way) date with a friend. Now this could be an old friend, a new friend, a distant friend, or a best friend. Although this may not sound very exciting, sometimes just talking about life can make all the difference in your perspective on the world. We know it’s stereotypical, but sometimes girls just need to talk. And we’re sure guys do too, they just won’t admit it. But either way, this is a time that we have found to be very healing. Whether you’re talking about your sexy Stater Brothers man, or how you’re struggling with your self-image, it’s all up for grabs. Honestly, these examples are taken out of the conversation we just had as we’re sitting in Starbucks writing this. Coffee dates are a time to be real: real about not only the big things, but even just about the small topics that you just can’t get off your mind. A true friend will sit there and listen to you no matter what it is.  Whenever we haven’t had a good talk in a while, one of us usually sends out a text that looks something like this: “Coffee date? :)” and the other knows it’s important and makes it a priority.

However, this does not only have to be a time to connect with a best friend-coffee dates are great opportunities to catch up with someone you may be feeling distant from. And if this coffee date is with a more distant friend, it’s a no-pressure time to just say what’s on your mind. So don’t be afraid to invite that person, the worst they can say is no. But we have found that it’s usually worthwhile to take a chance and make the effort.

Whatever it is you talk about, we promise you will leave the coffee date feeling joyful and satisfied (which may be partly due to the caffeine-high). Hope you found this encouraging, now go call up a friend, and have a great weekend!

With love, Kat and Jo


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