We’re Back!

Hey guys! We are soo soo soooo sorry for not posting anything recently! We came back from Spring Break and were practically bombarded with loads and loads of homework. So being our usual studious selves (yeah, right), we had to give some things up in order to get everything done. Below is a picture depicting my wonderous weekend (again, yeah, right) where I spent more hours at Starbucks (yummm) than at home, while I was trying to (start and) finish my 10 page Bible paper. And no, we will NOT be using this as inspiration for how you should spend your weekends, we promise.


bible paper


Did I mention it was 10 pages? And that I used 27 sources? Yeah. Oh, and it was due today! Lovely, I know. I guess it’s my fault for waiting until the last minute to do it, but hey, why not? Here’s my motto when it comes to procrastination:


Hope you guys are having a fantastic week! We’ve got some great cookie recipes for you, coming soon!

Love, Just Jo


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