How to Style Large Hats

For all of you out there with a collection of large hats (and if you don’t, well you might as well just unsubscribe now) (please don’t), but are unsure how to wear them, we have your answer! From cowboy to vintage, we’re here to lead you in the right direction. Enjoy!


This is more of an avante-garde look that would fare well at the horse races or just a simple tea party in the garden.


“Oh that’s hilarriiouuss dahhling, just hilarriouusss.”


“I’m going to pierce arrows into your heart with my death stare.” -French Girl


We were going for the old, I-can’t-show-any-emotion-since-its-not-ladylike kind of look.


Braided hair and a flannel shirt are the true signs of a real cowgirl.


“Aren’t I just so adorable?”


Orange is the new black.


Don’t mess with me–or I’ll strangle you with my scarf.

Yes, we are lame. But hey, we’re high school girls, so we can take nerdy pictures if we want to. We had fun, that’s all that matters.


Hope you’ve been enlightened to the world of extremely imposing hat fashion.

Love, Kat and Jo


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