Flower Crowns: Our Newest Love

Hello Whimsical Friends!

Remember the days when you were about 7 years old and longed for a prince of your own to gallop up on his bright white horse and sweep you off your feet? Well, we do (and we may or may not still be in that state of mind…). Sometimes you just need to go back to that innocent little girl mindset and allow yourself to dream a little dream.

With that said, we are absolutely in LOVE with flower crowns. They are like going to Disneyland and wearing a princess dress and crown, yet without the $100 ticket and heavy dress. Basically, they are magical–they transport you to a time of innocence and hope. But, like so many others, we assumed that they would be difficult to make, and almost gave up on them before even trying! But alas! We were proven wrong. Below, we document our 3 different variations on how we mastered the trend.

Have a wondrous time being a Pretty Pretty Princess!

Kat and Jo

Option A: Use string to hold the flowers together. This is the sturdiest version. I used pink string because it was my first time and it was all that we had, so if you choose to do this way, probably try to find something green. Pick several flowers (keeping as long a stem as possible) and several green-leafy things. I’m not really a flower person so I couldn’t tell you the name of the plants that I used, but you get the idea. I layered 3 stems together with varying lengths and tied them together. Then I did this again with three more, then added the second three to the first three by tying that as well. Repeat this process until you have a line of flowers long enough to fit around your head. NOTE: In my experience, flower crowns look better when they sit on your forehead and go all the way around your head. I did not know this at this point, so you’ll notice that this crown is sitting on top of my head. Don’t do this 🙂

flower crown option one

Option B: Weave the stems together. This is the least sturdy flower crown option, once you take it off, you will NOT be able to put it back on. When taking my senior pictures, I really wanted to have a flower crown. I didn’t exactly come prepared with string, so we ended up just taking the stems and twisting them around each other. For this to work, the stems must be very pliable. If they are sturdy in the least bit, they will not stay twisted, but return to their usual straight position.

Option B

IMG_1639By the way, these pictures were taken by Dawn Malone of Dawn Malone Photography, which you can find here. Isn’t she awesome?

Option C: Braid a reed and stick flowers into it. This is also a very sturdy option, but the difficult part is, not everyone has reeds. However, Kat has an awesome backyard, so we got to use them! Split the reed in 3 (this is sometimes hard to do, don’t give up), and braid like normal. It doesn’t need to necessarily be tight, but you don’t want it to be a loose braid that will let the flowers drop out.

get-attachment-1.aspxget-attachment-6.aspxBraid until it is long enough to fit around your head, and it is really helpful to have a friend tie it in the back for you.get-attachment-8.aspxPick some flowers (the more, the better)–this is easy when you have a backyard literally FILLED with all different colors and sizes.get-attachment-9.aspxWeave the stems into the braid (these stems don’t need to be super long, but make sure you still have weaving room), until you are satisfied with how filled it is.get-attachment-2.aspxget-attachment-5.aspxThen, very carefully, place on your head. We were actually able to take these off once or twice and put them back on with only a few flowers falling out (which were very easily replaced).

get-attachment-4.aspxAnd then, in true Weeknight Whimsies fashion, you must go get dressed super cute and take fun pictures.

ww flower crowns

IMG954556Feel like a Princess yet?


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