How to Make Your Own Lace and Jean Shorts

Hello friends!

I (Kat) recently spent a day in LA and happened upon an awesome little fabric shop where I purchased some adorable lace! We of course had to use it in a way fitting to its beauty, so why not jump in on the lacey shorts trend? Below is our experience of making these fun little pieces, be sure to check out all three pairs!

Enjoy your craft time!


Kat and Jo

KATS PAIR #1: Peep-out Lace


I first had to cut some old shorts to the desired length. Remember that the lace will add an inch or two in length so plan accordingly. I used a hair straightner to flatten out the edges–I’m sure an iron would work too 🙂



Our supplies: Home-cut shorts, lace, and fabric glue


I was going for the lace peeping out the bottom look, so be sure to turn your shorts inside out if this is what you too are aspiring to. Then place fabric glue around the edges, if not all under where the lace is touching. It tends to get annoyingly sticky, so be patient.


View from above.


Halfway done! Note the pocket sticking out on my left hand side. If you run into this problem, you can either cut the pocket out (like I did), just don’t forget and put valuables in it!, or fold the pocket up a bit and glue it.


I added lace to the back pockets just to spice things up a bit.


The finished product!

KAT’S PAIR #2: Half Laced


I made these the same way, I don’t have a picture tutorial for you, but I figures it was pretty easy to figure out, just cut, lace and glue. 🙂


you can dress them up or dress them down, I absolutely love them!

JO’S PAIR: Bold Bows


These were just a basic pair of Target shorts that are super old and had actually began to break earlier that day, so I figured, why not reconstruct them a bit! I settled on showing the full lace on the outside of my shorts. Again, AT LEAST glue the edges. Also, if you are opting for this version, it is a little bit more time consuming because you have to make sure to keep the lace straight.


The shorts were naturally split on the outside edges, so I stopped the lace on the outside of the seam. However, looking back, I would have added a little bit of lace around the corner, just to make it flow better.


Halfway done!


Once the lace was glued down all the way around the bottoms, I glued some lace onto the pockets, to make into bows, shown in the next picture.


Glue down the edges ONLY, then take a small strip of lace and tie it around the middle of the pocket lace, creating a bow effect.


Finished product!


You’ll note that in this picture, Jo’s shorts have lace coming out of the front pockets as well. These were a later addition since the front was a little overpowered by the dark blue and the light lace looked funky. To do this, I just glued lace on the inside of the pockets, and then folded it over and glued that down too.



Tell us your opinon!

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