How I’m Paying for My $20,000/Semester Education

I am paying for school on my own. Let me just start by saying, it’s rough. But let me also say, it’s possible (if only by God’s grace). Per semester, the cost of my schooling is over $19,000. I am currently paying, per semester, just over $7,000. (And working on lowering that too!) So here […]

Why I Can’t Think of a Better Title Than, “College Life”

Hey friends! Just Jo here. So, I’m beginning my tenth week here at college. And while life has been awesome, it has also been crazy. College has been something completely different than anything I ever expected. Let’s start from the beginning. Orientation was exactly like my expectations of college. I expected to be meeting new, […]

Kat’s Kitchen: Delicious, Healthy, and Easy Frozen Yogurt :)

So My Big Sis is home from college and our favorite thing to do is eat. Being athletes, we are always hungry and in search for the best healthy alternatives to our favorite recipes. We both LOVE froyo (frozen yogurt — for those who are not hipster enough to understand this term) and after years […]