Why I Can’t Think of a Better Title Than, “College Life”

Hey friends! Just Jo here. So, I’m beginning my tenth week here at college. And while life has been awesome, it has also been crazy. College has been something completely different than anything I ever expected. Let’s start from the beginning. Orientation was exactly like my expectations of college. I expected to be meeting new, […]

Wondrous Weekend #4: Oatmeal Papaya Surprise and Calming Cucumber Eyes

Hey guys! For this weekends post, we had a great friend of ours, Morgan, help us out. We wanted to be able to test more options, so the fact that she could come was really awesome! So what are we testing, you ask? Why homemade face masks, of course! After a very stressful school week […]

Wondrous Weekend #3: Friendly Bravados and Luscious Macchiatos

We’re on to weekend number three, and this time we’re leaning towards a more chill adventure. So this is something that we usually try to do once a week, even if only to keep our sanity. To sum it up, our third weekend suggestion is to have a coffee (Starbucks all the way) date with […]