Why I Can’t Think of a Better Title Than, “College Life”

Hey friends! Just Jo here. So, I’m beginning my tenth week here at college. And while life has been awesome, it has also been crazy. College has been something completely different than anything I ever expected. Let’s start from the beginning. Orientation was exactly like my expectations of college. I expected to be meeting new, […]

Motivational Monday #3: “Do something today…”

Remember that each day is a chance to make a difference. A difference in your own life, or even in someone elses life. Don’t get sucked in to living boring, mundane lives that have no meaning in them. Instead, go out there and, even if it’s small, do something. God intended for us to lead […]

Wondrous Weekend #4: Oatmeal Papaya Surprise and Calming Cucumber Eyes

Hey guys! For this weekends post, we had a great friend of ours, Morgan, help us out. We wanted to be able to test more options, so the fact that she could come was really awesome! So what are we testing, you ask? Why homemade face masks, of course! After a very stressful school week […]

Motivational Monday #1: Live in such a way…

This has sort of been my motto recently, to just live in a way that is making a positive influence on the world around me. And in times of adversity, I can rest in the peace that comes with knowing that I have done my best to be my best, and there’s nothing else that […]

Leadership is a Responsibility

“Leadership is a responsibility. Towards you team, towards yourself, towards others. Slip on one thing, and the fall is felt by all.” I recently was made a co-captain of my club volleyball team. It was a sudden change for both myself and my team, considering that we already had two other captains. But due to […]