Kat’s Kitchen: Delicious, Healthy, and Easy Frozen Yogurt :)

So My Big Sis is home from college and our favorite thing to do is eat. Being athletes, we are always hungry and in search for the best healthy alternatives to our favorite recipes. We both LOVE froyo (frozen yogurt — for those who are not hipster enough to understand this term) and after years […]

Wondrous Weekend #4: Oatmeal Papaya Surprise and Calming Cucumber Eyes

Hey guys! For this weekends post, we had a great friend of ours, Morgan, help us out. We wanted to be able to test more options, so the fact that she could come was really awesome! So what are we testing, you ask? Why homemade face masks, of course! After a very stressful school week […]

Wondrous Weekend #3: Friendly Bravados and Luscious Macchiatos

We’re on to weekend number three, and this time we’re leaning towards a more chill adventure. So this is something that we usually try to do once a week, even if only to keep our sanity. To sum it up, our third weekend suggestion is to have a coffee (Starbucks all the way) date with […]

Kats Kitchen: Protein Performance Smoothies

As an athlete in training I am constantly trying to gain muscle, and I can’t do that without protein! I have been in search of the best ways to sneak protein into my diet and my newest discovery that has become an addiction is protein power breakfast smoothies! They are great for starting the day […]

Wondrous Weekend #1: The Rainbow Adventure Through the Field of Asphalt and Happiness

Hey guys! We’ve found that weekends can either be a time to sit around and get nothing accomplished, or a great 48 hours to be stress free and make some awesome memories! We, personally, prefer the second option. However, sometimes coming up with an idea of something to do besides watch TV or go shopping […]